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Meet angela

 Hey therE! I’m Angela, but my friends call me AG. I’m not your typical trainer. Here’s my story: I’m a former professional dancer and college lecturer. (How’s that for a duo?) Grooving and teaching are my jam. I’m also a mom, so I’m going to love you up big. That’s just how my heart rolls …so fully expect me to ask you about grandma Helen and your brother-in-law’s root canal. I’m invested like that. 


I started AG Fitness hoping to swoon everyone that walked through my doors with a new found love of exercise. 15 years later, some people call it magic. I call it the AG Method. I’ve worked with Olympians, professional athletes, and (very possibly!) your grandma Helen too. 


Work out at your level while feeling safe, supported, and invigorated. Have a freaking blast…and then call me in the morning. 





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Our instructors range from trainers to instructors, to permanent subs, and they are familiar in the ways of the magic! Nothing…I repeat, NOTHING, happens without a great crew around you. And we’re like a cool girl band- we write our own stuff, book our gigs, sell our tickets, and do each others' make-up.

Meet the AG Staff! 

Erica Grenier, ATC. Trainer for our virtual clients (and does all things tech-possibly while wearing a costume!)

Susan Stover, permanent sub and certified group fitness instructor (and figures out the way to do ANYTHING!)

Jen Hobin, certified group fitness instructor (and solves all of our problems!)

Angela Desrosiers, permanent sub and certified group fitness instructor (and always on hand to make us laugh!) 

Ashley Myers, permanent sub and certified group fitness instructor (and will promptly fill your home with joy from the Online Studio!)

Jess Gutstein, permanent sub and certified group fitness instructor (and ready to fill the room with sunshine!)

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