About Us

For those unwilling to compromise with their fitness experience, we are a group fitness and personal training studio that over-delivers.

We take our workouts very seriously...while having a seriously good time.

We want results and we want to have fun.

That is definitely not too much to ask.

It's easy to join our crew. Just show up for class and you're in!


The experience will change you.

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COVID-19 Guidelines

Our number one priority is keeping you safe.

It’s easy to come to the studio! 1-2-3

  1. Masks: We are following the CDC guidelines. Please use this website to check if the CDC recommends that Rockingham County continue to wear mask indoors. As soon as this is lifted, we will keep following whatever guidelines are presented at that time.

  2. Equipment: Please bring your mat and dumbbells, if you have them. If you’re borrowing from us, please wipe down all the equipment you use before leaving for the day.

  3. Community guidelines: This is our community pledge. Thank you for taking care of our friends here at AG.

  1. Click this link for the CDC guidelines. 

  2. Once on their website, scroll down just under the "How to Find a COVID-19 Vaccine" button 

  3. Pick "NH" and "Rockingham County" from the drop down menus (underlined in red on the screenshot image here)

  4. The screenshot also has an arrow pointing to the CDC Mask Guidelines found under the category Community Transmission. This is where you will find if the CDC says "should wear a mask in public" or not. (Note: there is not an arrow on the actual CDC website)