in-studio guidelines

Updated May 31, 2021

We’re so excited that you are joining us at AG! Here are 10 things to note...


To keep everyone safe and healthy, here is a reminder of what you will do every time you walk into the studio!

Attending a class or session would mean that you will follow all the guidelines that will be in place.

Failing to comply with the guidelines and protocol will result in a cancellation of a person's membership. 


You’ll receive an addendum to the initial waiver you signed at the studio through PushPress.

This needs to be signed before access to in-studio classes is allowed. Once you have signed this, you can reserve your classes. Entrance is not allowed without a reservation made on your Push Press app.


You can reserve your class 2 weeks in advance, you have 2 hours prior to your class to cancel your reservation (or else your account will be charged), and you will be notified with a minimum of 2 hours if you got a spot off the waitlist.

Click here to sign in or use your member app.

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Please fill out the SGT Health Screen questionnaire before every class and PT session.


Before coming to the studio, you'll record your temperature and fill out the 30-second questionnaire.


You're instructor or trainer cannot admit you to class without having the questionnaire. 

Click below for the link: 

Health Screen Questionnaire

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Please do not arrive any earlier than 5-minutes before class is scheduled to start. 

Enter one at a time. 

Your temperature will be taken upon entering. 

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Attending a class or session means that you do not currently have (or have had in the last 21 days) a fever, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, cough, loss of taste or sense of smell, or have traveled internationally or been in contact with someone with suspected, awaiting a test, or diagnosed case of COVID-19.


Please bring minimal belongings with you directly to your spot on the floor.


Put your belongings against the wall closest to you.


The lounge will be closed. Feel free to walk in with your sneakers and please wipe your feet upon entry.


As of May 22nd masks for participants and instructors will be optional during exercise time.  Please wear them when entering the studio and before and after class time. This protocol will change on June 7th. Check back for updates. 

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Your temperature will be taken with a forehead thermometer from several inches away by a masked instructor and you will be prompted to disinfect your hands as you enter. 


Keep at least 6 feet of distance at all times with anyone inside the studio.


Please stay in your designated space during your class. 


If you are using studio equipment, we will provide disinfectant spray for you to clean your equipment. Please leave it in your space so we can clean it a second time.

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We suggest that you use the bathroom in your own home before you arrive at the studio and after you leave. If you need to use the bathroom at the studio, it will be disinfected and ready for emergencies.

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We reserve the right to cancel in-studio sessions at any time as we see necessary for safety reasons as we monitor the development of COVID-19 in our area and country. 

This is what you can expect from us at AG!

  1. Upon arriving, a staff member in a mask, or you, will take your temperature and there will be antibacterial gel for you to use. 

  2. When you walk in, the equipment will be disinfected and you will be required to wear a mask.

  3. We will offer you a safe and fun session with high quality exercise design that is both effective and fun!

  4. The floors and bathroom will be disinfected regularly.


We can’t wait to make your experience awesome at your AG! See you there!


Team AG