This month's newsletter is going to be something different. We are going to freshen it up! It is spring, ya know?? We're going live!

Join us for our live event this month on Friday, April 12th from 5:30-7 pm! The workshop is called SPRING CLEAN: Body Edition. Here are the deets:

Get rid of all of your old, worn, and dated ideas about exercise and nutrition and REFRESH your approach using the latest research to FINALLY experience change. Mixing science and humor, join Angela Garcia of AG Fitness, in a casual setting as she brings research, data, and a splash of hilarity to this "Let's talk, girl" series.

This event will consist of two 45 minute classes back to back-one on nutrition and one on exercise. Questions to be covered?

  • How much exercise do I have to actually do to lose the extra poundage on my back side? (Spoiler alert: Research says A LOT! Pro-tip: Get your nutrition squared away for this.)

  • What the heck am I supposed to do with all of the nutritional information out there that, ahem, is contradictory?

  • Is there any hope for me if I hate exercising. (Yes!)

  • How do I get chiseled arms if my biceps only work to put food in my mouth?

  • How much wine can I actually get away with??