It's August, you guys! Can I hear a long, happy, and soothing exhale?

We've decided to switch things up this month by sharing a video in place of our usual written newsletter. I sat down with Dr. Cristin Zaimes from Oceanside Physical Therapy for an intimate and casual conversation about all things AG!

We discuss the importance of belonging and how community enhances the #1 factor that fosters progress when it comes to your fitness goals. You'll hear about how I compare the AG Staff to a Girl Punk Band and how I gush about having the best community of participants ever! (That's you!)

So, this month, while you are driving, doing the dishes, or just (finally!) taking a break on the couch, catch up with us at the AG lounge for a short conversation on all things fitness, wellness, connection, and community. Link below...

I hope that you find that our community is a welcoming, unique, and inspiring place to recharge. Thanks for making it that way.