The beauty about having been at this healthy living thing for a long time is that it has become crystal clear to me that everything just ebbs and flows.

I should have taken that cue from Mama Earth a long time ago- the tides, the waves, the moon, the seasons, etc. but… What can I say? Your eyes open when they open, right?

I’ve lost the sense of urgency and panic and have replaced those with a sense of gratitude and openness. The desire and urgency of trying to be perfect and the panic that ensues when it doesn’t happen, has yielded to a sense of gratitude for what is (how lucky are we really?) and an openness to let life transpire at its time.

This new found wisdom has been years in the making, friends. I’m a slow learner, apparently. Ask the tides, the waves, and the moon. If they could text, they would have sent me the face palm emoji a looooooong time ago.

I’ve discovered that these ebbs and flows happen in my fitness life too. There are seasons when I’m purposefully trying to shave a few seconds off my triathlon time and there are seasons when I’m trying to savor my love of movement without any performance goals at all. Most of the time, I live somewhere in the in-between.

While summer was chill and glorious, the ebbs and flows of life now invite me (lovingly!) to get a little more structured, pull myself up the bootstraps “so to