What’s not to love about July? It’s fun, its festive, and it just screams summer dreams! Do you agree?

I’ve been enjoying the beautiful seacoast and all it has to offer! A few weeks ago, I went on a date with my husband. It was gorgeous out and we were kid-less. A true grown-up date. I was dressed up. He was dressed up.

We got to the restaurant and the only table they had was a small awkward table meant for waiting patrons. A table that serves best for a drink and an app and NOT the full on display of the real foodies that we truly are. We took it because, whatever, we were out and it's summer and life is beautiful. Small awkward tables and all.

Next to us was a lovely couple in the same predicament. Except maybe they didn't have the same difficulty that we had trying to fit all of our plates and drinks on our kiddie sized table. #overboard

We proceeded to enjoy bread with hummus made in-house. We ordered Manhattans, appetizers, two full entrees and drumroll please... a slice of carrot cake. Wait. I lie. The menu read "Carrot Cake for Two", so it was a ginormous piece of cake for our tiny table. Of course.

We were having a great night and were stuffed to the gills when my husband said he would be right back. He was headed to the bathroom and I was left there with the display of 9 empty plates and glasses on a table that, in earnest, could fit 2. The lovely woman, to my right at the other small table, leaned over and said, "Excuse me. “Are you the woman that owns the fitness studio?”

While all of you know that I live a very healthy lifestyle, eat well, exercise often, and take care of this beautiful vessel that the Good Lord has given me, I've made it no secret that I also live, enjoy, occasionally drink Bourbon and love me some desserts. No shame.

At that moment, however, I looked down at the display of empty plates and martini glasses and answered this lovely woman, her very innocent question with "Fitness studio? I'm sorry, you must be mistaken."

I'm JUST KIDDING! Of course I said "Yes!"

She proceeded to say that she had recognized me from the Blaze Your Trail Event hosted by Wild Adventurous Life where I sat on a panel and where she had heard me speak. She had wanted to reach out about her own personal fitness and wellness needs. What she said next was the.best.thing.ever...

"I'm sitting here, crying, eating my salad and watching you eat cake. I knew I wanted to call you. Now I know I will be calling you!"

Haha! It was a great moment! I love to show people that living a healthy lifestyle can occasionally allow for date nights and cake and fancy cocktails. What was not evident at the table that night was the day after day commitment to exercise, clean eating, and healthy living. With the right balance, you CAN have it all.

About that, how is your healthy living going these days? It's July and the mid-year point is a perfect moment to stop and reflect on how things are progressing. Are you living your best life? Do you feel healthy, vibrant, and capable?

A mid-year reassessment is simple. It involves asking yourself two questions:

What is working and what is not? (Pause: If what is not working has to do with lack of exercise, you've come to the right place. Proceed to the menu bar at the upper left of this page and click "join us" and choose the right membership or class pass for YOU! You know it's the kind of exercise you'll do + enjoy! It's possible with one magic and satisfying click! Go!)

Reassess is the theme for the month of July here at AG. We can’t wait to celebrate your achievements so far and plan for more success to come in 2019!

We are excited to offer Fitness Physicals at AG this year. We’ve done something like this in the past (we use to call them assessments), but we have completely revamped and lovingly crafted what we consider to be the most helpful and informative 30 minutes of your year!

It’s all about YOU, specifically, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you on what's going well and encourage you to to take the next confident and deliberate step on your journey. Check out what Annie said about the ONE thing that kick-started progress for her this year:

“It was the after hours sit down you gave me.” My situation wasn’t for

lack of trying or effort. I had to change things up.”

So, what's included in this magical half hour of your Fitness Physical? YOU DECIDE. We’ll offer the tools and you’ll get to choose which assessments are meaningful to you! It’s totally customizable!

To decipher what’s going well we’ll start with The AG Measures of Progress, a short, subjective questionnaire that assesses how capable, functional, strong, and ready you feel to tackle your activities and your life. Isn’t that why we're here after all? To live our best lives?

In regard to fitness, we'll run 4 Fitness Assessments: Cardio, Strength, Flexibility and Core. We will tell you how you did with normative data (where you fall on charts compared to other people your same gender and age.)

In regard to a healthy lifestyle, we will run 4 Lifestyle Assessments: Sleep, Stress, Connection and Nutrition.

We will then set some goals and establish effective pathways to reach them.

Optional tests would include: Body weight, body fat composition, and body measurements. Not important to you? Great! We skip 'em!

To tackle what might not be going well, we will discuss any muskoloskeletal concerns. Does anything hurt you or bother you when you are working out? We’ll assess your form in those movements and offer form corrections in addition to corrective exercise options. We’ll also discuss with you any form concerns that we notice when you are in class so you can continue to progress and reach your goals.

If this information sounds like something you need to know and you just love the idea of checking in with yourself yearly... Let's do it. Most of us exercise 4-5 hours a week, strive to get 7 hours of sleep a night and spend at least 2 hours a day buying, preparing, or eating nutritious food. Just that alone accounts for 4,745 hours a year dedicated to healthy living. Maybe a half hour a year to make sure that we are making good use of those almost 5,000 hours spent towards creating and living our best life would be worthwhile! Maybe you just need an encouraging session to formalize (with data) how well you are doing, or maybe you need a caring coach that will help you get back on track. We’re here for you!

Please visit our doodle page to choose your appointment time. Appointments will be offered for two weeks in July starting July 3-July 17. Our online booking option through this link will only be open for 3 days. On July 5th booking will close. At that point, please email us at angela@agfitness.net to book an appointment if the online booking is closed or if you need an appointment outside of the official Fitness Physicals window. We would love to see you anytime!

Once you choose your appointment time, we will book your appointment through your Push Press Account. Our personal training fee for a 30 minute appointment is $40. If you are a personal training client, we will complete this reassessment (our compliments!) during a session in July. As an additional perk for our Unlimited Members, you will get $10 off your appointment. It's time to reassess! Click here: https://doodle.com/poll/rar56h3v4rcmiqt4

Let’s get physical!




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