What’s not to love about July? It’s fun, its festive, and it just screams summer dreams! Do you agree?

I’ve been enjoying the beautiful seacoast and all it has to offer! A few weeks ago, I went on a date with my husband. It was gorgeous out and we were kid-less. A true grown-up date. I was dressed up. He was dressed up.

We got to the restaurant and the only table they had was a small awkward table meant for waiting patrons. A table that serves best for a drink and an app and NOT the full on display of the real foodies that we truly are. We took it because, whatever, we were out and it's summer and life is beautiful. Small awkward tables and all.

Next to us was a lovely couple in the same predicament. Except maybe they didn't have the same difficulty that we had trying to fit all of our plates and drinks on our kiddie sized table. #overboard

We proceeded to enjoy bread with hummus made in-house. We ordered Manhattans, appetizers, two full entrees and drumroll please... a slice of carrot cake. Wait. I lie. The menu read "Carrot Cake for Two", so it was a ginormous piece of cake for our tiny table. Of course.

We were having a great night and were stuffed to the gills when my husband said he would be right back. He was headed to the bathroom and I was left there with the display of 9 empty plates and glasses on a table that, in earnest, could fit 2. The lovely woman, to my right at the other small table, leaned over and said, "Excuse me. “Are you the woman that owns the fitness studio?”