October 2020

I had a whole newsletter prepared. It was full of research and data. I threw it out.

Well, not literally out the window. I mean, I make it a point not to throw things. I also make it a point not to discard good ideas. Just store them for another time, you know?

I took the idea off the table because I had a conversation with a client that really got me thinking- and I thought it might be helpful for you too.

So many of my clients talk to me about their desire for balance, and...I love it! I love balance too!

The problem is that many of us, myself included, desire “balance” in a way that doesn't truly match its definition. In fact, I think that a better word for what we need might be equilibrium. Stay with me on this...

What is most compelling about achieving balance or equilibrium is the promise of ease. To further complicate matters, sometimes we confuse ease with rest. Both are super important but there is a very important distinction. Ease comes from a balance of good positive tension. Rest comes from the letting go of all tension.