“Happy birthday” she said. I tried to hold my jaw from falling to the ground as she handed me a small box. I smiled politely and said “Oh my gosh, thank you. You didn’t need to do that.” I opened the box and there it was. The most awkward moment waiting to happen.

It was a small initial necklace. It was lovely. Costume jewelry, of course, but a senior member of our dance company knew it was my birthday and she had gotten me this present. The only problem was the initial was an M. My name is Angela.

I deliberated what to do next for what felt like slow hot minutes. I had two options:

1. Say thank you and pretend like my name was Maria or Michelle or Mildred, or whatever, and just walk away.

2. Say thank you and inform her that while it was lovely, my name is Angela but I’m so touched that she would think of me.

As I was about to respond, she said “It stands for ‘movement’, Angela. Don’t ever stop moving.”