May 2020

This Quarantine is bringing us back to those parts of ourselves we thought were lost forever.

Some people are picking up an instrument they haven’t played in years. Others are exploring ways to play that have been dormant since childhood. (I’ve picked up long boarding.) Some of us are getting reacquainted with past loves such as favorite books or old albums that once moved us, and that now, with added time in the space continuum, we're destined to meet again. (I’m re-reading Thoreau’s Walden).

Or maybe you’re just rekindling your adolescent love of Doritos. Listen, no judgement. (This may also be me.)

Regardless of what you’ve been doing during Quarantine, I’m sure you’ve learned a lesson or two along the way. I know I have.

I’ve resumed my love affair with fiction. As a comparative literature major, I read so much in college that I switched over to non-fiction in a semi-rebellious act against the Western Canon and due to a serious case of ”I'm done reading for now” that lasted about 20 years.

Last month I wrote a poem(ish) for the Newsletter. This month, I’ve written 2 chapters of my Quarantine Micro Memoir titled “Tales of the ‘Tine”. After many years of writing inspirational social media posts and newsletters, I’m more employable at Hallmark than any reputable academic institution but, if you are so inclined, humor me.

Chapter 1: What doesn’t get used gets dusty.