June 2020

If you're reading this it's quite possible that you have experienced a dramatic mindset change regarding exercise. Maybe it happened last month, last year, or 10 years ago. We specialize in helping people fall in love with fitness.

What once may have been a torturous chore on the never ending to-do list, exercise has become something enjoyable that we all actually look forward to! I believe that our mindset on food can change dramatically as well.

I recently hosted an informal webinar via Zoom on simplifying and learning to enjoy food again. Someone said that they could tell that my relationship with food is peaceful, exciting, enjoyable, and positive.

It wasn't always this way.

Exercise was easy to fall in love with. I found my favorite workout modalities, I added my favorite music, and I found the people I wanted to do it with. Voila! Learning to fall in love with food was not so easy.

The psychology of this is a topic for another day. Instead, I want to offer some of my actionable tips regarding general nutrition that help me keep it simple, enjoyable, and life-building. I hope it helps you too.

I find it helpful to think of the eating cycle as three easy st