July 2020

I had three favorite types of games when I was little.

First, I loved pretend and imaginary play where I was the mom or the boss. I liked to get everything organized, my "co-workers" and "children" moving in the right direction, and getting things done. My sister might say that I was just Bossy McBossy. (A pic of us together below.)

I also loved to dance. That always felt like play to me. As hard as it was, as painful as the blisters on my toes were, and as long as those hours of mentally and physically straining rehearsals were, it was all play for me. I couldn't get enough.

Finally, (and to this day!) I’m a major board game fan. I love figuring things out, strategizing, focusing, and producing results.

Hmmm. Interesting?

What were your favorite play games as a kid?

Dr. Stuart Brown, author of “Play” and founder of the National Institute for Play suggests, in his Ted Talk from 2008, revisiting your play history and determining any correlations to your current adult life.

Mine are obvious.

The question in my mind is did my play history put me on my current path of mother, business owner, dancer, thinker, and collaborator, or was I innately already these things and my play history just pointed them out?

Regardless, play is an essential part of life. Many adults feel that play is child’s domain but this could not be further from the truth. As Dr. Bowen White, MD, Patch Adams follower, and author of “Why Normal isn’t Healthy” remarks “The only kind of play we honor [in adulthood] is competitive play.”

How sad.

Play history and the ability to play has cognitive and neurobiological repercussions. Dr. Stuart Brown is known for his famous saying “Play is more than just fun.”

How do you play?

I’m thrilled every time that someone mentions that our workouts at AG are fun! They should be! This is a form of play and we always have a group ready to go on the sidelines!

You’ve heard me say this a million times... Even if the exercise we get in our classes didn’t provide the innumerable and amazing health benefits that research over the last decades has confirmed, I would still go to the classes, because they. are. fun. It’s one of my favorite forms of play!

It’s July and one thing we do in New England as a regional community is play outside in the summer! Check out our social media campaign called “AG in nature” on Instagram and Facebook to see how our fit and strong community takes the playtime outside! Surfing, kayaking, hiking, biking, running, golfing, waterskiing, SUP’ing…you name it, we’re ready to do it!

Thank goodness for this type of play because… these last few months? Whoa. They’ve been rough. I know you’ve felt it.

The staff at AG has very seriously taken up the work of building an Online Studio so our participants would have a safe way to access our curriculum. Individually and collectively, we’ve been tackling the work of anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion through workshops, webinars, books, and research to make sure our participants always have a home that makes them feel safe, welcomed, valued and cherished. We’ve been implementing reopening strategies for our brick and mortar studio in the midst of a global pandemic. Thanks to this, we’re excited to welcome our personal training clients and semi-private personal training groups back to the studio in July.

To properly give the attention and focus to this incredibly important work, the work of a lifetime, we’re making sure to add in some play because play rejuvenates, strengthens, empowers, and connects.

Make sure to get out there...



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