July 2020

I had three favorite types of games when I was little.

First, I loved pretend and imaginary play where I was the mom or the boss. I liked to get everything organized, my "co-workers" and "children" moving in the right direction, and getting things done. My sister might say that I was just Bossy McBossy. (A pic of us together below.)

I also loved to dance. That always felt like play to me. As hard as it was, as painful as the blisters on my toes were, and as long as those hours of mentally and physically straining rehearsals were, it was all play for me. I couldn't get enough.

Finally, (and to this day!) I’m a major board game fan. I love figuring things out, strategizing, focusing, and producing results.

Hmmm. Interesting?

What were your favorite play games as a kid?