Jen's Winter Strength Notes

This Groove – Codeko Remix (Oliver Heldens, Lenno, Codeko)

Verse A: step touch, deep breath

Verse B: double ham curl with row arms 8

Chorus: Grapevine to V step (16)

Verse C: Cougar lunge

Bridge: Flat back stretch

Verse A: step tap and reach

Verse B: Double Ham curl with chest arms (alternating) 8

Chorus (8)

Verse C: Cougar lunge

Outro squat pulse

No New Friends (Sia/Diplo)

Verse A: travel squat, drop opposite hand to ankle

Verse B: Right lunge to right OH press

Chorus: Sumo squat pulse to upright row

Verse A: Left

Verse B: Left lunge/left OH press


Bridge: squat to OH press (both arms)

Verse A:


No One Compares to You (Jack & Jack)

Verse A: Single leg dead lift R leg/both arms weighted (4)

Verse B: Salsa lunge – R forward lunge, L back lunge, w bicep curl in middle