January 2020

Happy 2020!

I must say you look good! Sharp and focused, wrapped in clarity and propelled with fresh enthusiasm.

Where are YOU off to this year?

As I’m sure you know, it’s the time of year when many people draft resolutions. I quit that years ago. Nothing wrong with it by the way. If it fuels you, energizes you, and motivates you to be your best, great! It’s funny. The resolution thing never worked for me.

In my 30’s I realized that I was always chasing a state of being and those “to do lists” where approximating that in a mediocre and lackluster way.

A few years ago, Danielle LaPorte started writing about desire mapping and my heart leapt with joy! THIS felt like what I was yearning for. It was exactly what I couldn’t quite achieve with resolutions, to do lists, and SMART goal setting.