January 2020

Happy 2020!

I must say you look good! Sharp and focused, wrapped in clarity and propelled with fresh enthusiasm.

Where are YOU off to this year?

As I’m sure you know, it’s the time of year when many people draft resolutions. I quit that years ago. Nothing wrong with it by the way. If it fuels you, energizes you, and motivates you to be your best, great! It’s funny. The resolution thing never worked for me.

In my 30’s I realized that I was always chasing a state of being and those “to do lists” where approximating that in a mediocre and lackluster way.

A few years ago, Danielle LaPorte started writing about desire mapping and my heart leapt with joy! THIS felt like what I was yearning for. It was exactly what I couldn’t quite achieve with resolutions, to do lists, and SMART goal setting.

Her book The Desire Map: A guide to Creating Goals with Soul starts on a New Years Eve.

“It all began on a New Years Eve by the fire... The New Year was wide open and my heart was full of ambition. It was time for some visioning. Goals! Plans! Lots of Plans!…New kitchen table. Pay off credit cards. Water Babies Swim class. Lose ten pounds. Invest in a great piece of art. Start biking to work. Hawaii for family wedding. Get the garden going. Down payment. Publishing deal. New Frye boots. Find a church. Find a yoga class…It wasn’t quite a vision board but it wasn’t just a to-do list. And yet something was still missing. It felt full but empty. Eager but not…energizing.”

Does this resonate with you?

She goes on to write that she scrapped the list and instead wrote down some positive feeling words that resonated with her such as “creative” and then asked herself the question, what can I do to feel like this?

“Visually it started to look more beautiful. Psychologically, it started to look like an invitation instead of another list of things to do.”

So much yes.

Once I learned this process, I began to get clarity on what was important to me and it was easy to outline what I could do to Iive in a way that aligned with the deepest part of my heart. After some honest soul-searching, creative tinkering, and oodles of scribbles and chicken scratch, my 5 words were suddenly as clear as a sunny day in New Hampshire.






This is the person I want to be. Every single day in 2020 and forever and ever and ever.

Now, I did the hard work and wrote 2 exact things I would do to feel this way, act this way, be this way, every day this year for each one of these words. #hardbutworthit

I could not be more excited for the New Year because my 2020 VISION (theme word for January!) is clear and my gaze is gentle and full of wonder.

How’s YOUR vision?

I’d encourage you to pull out a piece of paper now and write in big bold letters the words that your heart yearns for. Once you write them all, you’ll notice that some are repetitive and some do a better job of encompassing your desires than others. Synthesize, simplify, and synchronize your words until it looks just like YOU. Then, underneath those big words, write the 2-3 things you’ll do regularly this year to create a life you love. Voilà! Your desire map! Congratulations and cheers to 2020!




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