Angela's Strength Notes: ON & ON

Angela's Strength Notes!

AG Strength

Nice to meet ya: closed kinetic

Intro: hold a low squat

Verse: a. 2 lunge tap backs, holding low, 2 small pulses (8)

Verse b. Double time pulses

Verse c. Wide isometric hip swings

Chorus: plie squats with arm swings

What a man gotta do: open kinetic

Verse: a. 24 side leg pulses

Chorus: 16 Inner thigh leg pulses, 8 top leg lifts meet the bottom leg and drop

X 2

Bridge: single scissor kicks

Chorus: Rt/Lt

What a night: (biceps and triceps)

Verse: a 4 drop lunge bicep curl

Verse b. Bicep concentration curl on knee

Chorus: a. tricep extension with lunges

Chorus b. 4 Alternating straight arm lifts, 2 pulses, slow lower.

Know your worth (back)

Verse: quadruped reverse flye

Chorus: high row pulse for 16, 8 low row with straight leg lift

Let’s be friends (Plank push ups)

Verse: Bear knee taps

Chorus: 4 slow push ups, 8 regular

Bridge: elbow drops to dolphin plank and back to full plank

Paper Rings (metabolic)

Verse: a. Pony

Verse b. Forward led to corner

Verse c. Jack, 4 knees (3) 4 jacks

Chorus: 6 scissor lunges, turn in a circle

Bridge:gate swings

Verse: Pony

Chorus: 6 scissor lunges, turn in a circle

Verse a, 2, b’s

Slow break: forward hops and back squats

Chorus: 6 scissor lunges, turn in a circle

Bridge: gate swings

Technicolor (chest and abs)

Chorus: v chest flies

Verse: a. knee repeater oblique crunch

Verse b. Inner thigh scissors (drop to hollow for level 3)

Bridge: bicycles

Intentions (shoulders + stretch)

Chorus: 8 lateral raises, 8 v bicep lifts with palms up

Verse: stretch


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