Do I need to buy equipment?

Nope! There are plenty of things you can find around the house or outside to use instead of dumbbells.

1-2 lb. objects: Great for Align class!

~10 Forks or spoons tied together with a rubber band will give you between 1-2 lbs. depending on how heavy your set is! This option gives you a nice grip!

16 oz. water bottle is about 1 lb./ 32 oz water bottle is 2 lbs.

1 lb. bag of coffee also provides a nice grip, just please, make sure it's closed!

Fill an old pair of socks with 1 cup (each) or more of pebbles/rice/sand for another comfy dumbbell option. 1 cup will roughly be 1 lb.

5 lb. objects:

72 oz. laundry detergent bottles with handles. Save your empties and fill them with water!

Fill a reusable shopping bag with 5-6 cans of beans or soup.

Put 2 textbooks in a backpack for about 6 lbs. (think of the "average textbook" for size)

8 lb. objects:

A gallon of water

What to use instead of dish/hand towels:

Paper plates

Socks (if working out on a hard, slippery floor)

Furniture sliders/movers

That's helpful, but I'd rather buy dumbbells:

If you would prefer dumbbells, here is what we are finding (it looks like everyone bought dumbbells to go with their toilet paper!) We like the neoprene covered weights because they're gentler on your hands when we do exercises like plank rows, etc. but any dumbbell you can find will work! (If you have the metal ones at home, wrap a towel around the handles for a softer grip)

5 lbs. at Dick's Sporting Goods ($7.99 each)

8 lbs. at Walmart ($8.88 each) or Dick's Sporting Goods ($11.99 each)

10 lbs at Walmart ($9.97 each)

(You'll want to buy 2 if they are sold individually)

The soft density foam roller that we use in Release class is the OPTP Pro-Roller (36 in. x 6 in.)

from Amazon ($49.99) We have found this to be a durable roller but any full-length roller (36 inches) will work for class!

We hope this was helpful, please reach out with any questions you may have!


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