September 2020

So, I’m just here thinking about the theme for September and using this picture as inspiration.

When these two were born, almost 19 years ago, it felt like I embarked on another life. I started with one, ok maybe two, baby steps down the path of motherhood and, frankly, I had no idea how it was going to go.

They’re off to college this year (the journey has been amazing in ALL sorts of ways!) and here I am wondering how to begin again.

Begin again with one kid gone, one kid living in the basement doing online college courses, and another starting high school in the midst of a global pandemic. This is a path I would have never imagined, but my heart is full, the excitement is palpable, and I walk with a proud mom stride confidently forward.

Begin again by reimagining my studio and recreating our work on an online platform. Seeing clients in semi-private sessions as compared to the traditional group fitness classes we're familiar with. This is a path I would have never imagined, but my resolve is rock steady, the community friendships are unbreakable, and I squat jump confidently forward.

When you start a new journey, you don’t ever quite know what awaits down the path, but I’m always encouraged by how little is needed for a successful adventure: an alignment of the heart, some good ol' fashion elbow grease, and all the nurturing possible for all of the travelers.

If September is a month when you plan to begin again-resume academic schedules, return to work, get back to the gym, or embark on that life project that you keep putting off...I’m with you.

So, align your heart with your truest purpose, apply elbow grease liberally, and take care of yourself and your fellow passengers on this next adventure. Appreciate the awe and wonder that arises from the beginner's perspective.

Oh, and don't forget the camera. There will be plenty of moments-like coloring with the kids with blue crayons and watching them slip on their blue graduation gowns- that you won't want to forget!



PS. If beginning again has a health and wellness ring to it, we're here for it! Join us for Month 6 of the Online Studio and work out with your favorite classes and instructors.


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