Recover is the June theme of the month at AG Fitness. What are you recovering from on the daily?

A very challenging workday that taxes your brain and intellect? A really tough workout that pushes your body to its limits? An emotional situation that drains your energy while you manage it with grace and poise?

Whatever has you performing at your very best will leave you needing some recovery. Get it!

When it comes to recovery, the trending options are plentiful. From cryotherapy (deep cold immersion), to floating (laying in a deeply salted water tank), to cupping (think Michael Phelps), to massage (ahhhh), and professional stretching.

While these things are great (I’ve done most of them), they require an appointment with an expert and will most likely not be occurring with the same frequency as your taxing activities of daily living.

So, what’s a girl to do?

If we think of those trending recovery approaches as supplements to a daily recovery technique, what can we do on the regular?