Rediscover: To gain sight or knowledge of something previously seen or known.

How many things do we relearn and rediscover year after year? Why do we forget them in the first place?

I love to experience the sense of alignment that comes with understanding who I am, and being 100% okay with it. It comes with a sense of relief, a deep sigh, and gentle plopping down in the comfort of what I know to be true.

So, I don’t love to wake up early. I also don’t love meaningless conversation with acquaintances. I don’t love big, noisy, disorganized, groups of anything-people, things, thoughts, or feelings.

I do love casual dinner parties with friends. I love loud fitness classes with my crew. I love witty and smart commentary over text message. And I love a well crafted and lovingly prepared sentiment.

What about you? When you stop to think about who you really are, what do you rediscover about yourself that has been there all along?