Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Questions (7 answers)

Ok. I am definitely in. How do I pay for class? How can we make this relationship official?

You mean, besides making it public on Facebook? Just kidding. ;) It's so easy!

You get to customize your workout preferences based on YOUR availability and YOUR budget.

What works for you? One class a week? Two classes a week? Three classes a week?! Choose the right program for you and set up your account online through our website. It takes 3 minutes!

Feel free to download our PushPress app to have access to your account, the class schedule, and all things AG from your phone. When you arrive to class, just check yourself in. PS...You are always in with us.

Is my stored financial information safe on your site? Can I still pay with cash or check?

Yes! Our system integrates with Stripe, certified to PCI Service Provider 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. If you have any issues with your account, reach out via our contact page and someone will get back to you faster than we can do a squat jump.

Yes, you can still pay via cash or check at the studio, but we need to do the transaction through our system there. You will still need to have an account in our system, however. We can help you set that up if you are hesitant but we are confident that you'll find it to be very user friendly, fast and easy. Choose a membership plan from our website and it will take you there! Our goal is to get 95% of our clients electronically connected to us in the next month so we can all spend our time making sure you reach your goals.

I am going on vacation! What should I do?

First of all, take your trainer with you! That's not possible? Bummer. Our Online Studio is availalbe 24 x 7 from anywhere in the world. You can keep up with your AG workouts and we'll be right there with you to cheer you on! Wishing you safe travels and exciting adventures!

I am moving to IDAHO! I need to cancel my membership plan. Help!

Once a part of the crew, always a part of the crew. We have friends all across the country who stay in touch with us. They let us know about their accomplishments and achievements! Even though they don't come to the AG studio anymore, we celebrate with them like if they were standing in the front row.

To cancel, for any reason, just email us with 30 days notice and we will cancel your membership and send you off with the warmest wishes for new adventures. Keep in touch, ok?

How do I change memberships?

Want to add a class, drop a class or go to the 3x/week plan? Email us with 30 days notice and we'll hook you up!

How To: PushPress (5 answers)

What is PushPress?

PushPress is our online and mobile management system. Whether you login online or through the PushPress Member App you can:

  • Pick and purchase your membership plan
  • Check the class schedule
  • Reserve your spot for classes or events
  • Fill out any needed documents
  • View your class attendance history
  • Check-in to class at the studio

How do I create a PushPress account?

You can create a PushPress account here!

How can I purchase a membership using the app?

1. Open the app on your phone 2. Login to your account 3. Click the menu bar (3 horizontal lines) 4. Click on "plans" and the "sign up" tab 5. Choose the plan that is right for you or click on the "my plans" tab at the top to see the details of your current plan

How do I reserve a spot for class or an event?

1. Open the PushPress app or go here 2. Login to your account 3. Click the menu bar (3 horizontal lines) 4. Click on the "events" tab to reserve for events or click on the "classes" tab to reserve a spot for classes 5. Pick the event or class you would like to reserve, click on it, click "reserve"

How do I download the PushPress Member App on my phone?

1. Open your phone's App Store 2. Search for "PushPress Member Portal" 3. Download the app! This is the PushPress app icon.

What to Expect? (4 answers)

What amenities does the studio have?

  • Due to Covid, our lounge area is closed until further notice. Follow our COVID-19 guidelines for what to do when entering the studio.
  • An accessible bathroom.

What should I bring?

Everyone here is welcome to exercise at their own pace, so bring your beautiful self just as you are and join a very welcoming community of fitness enthusiasts.
Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers! The newest athleisure outfit is not required. Just do you!
Bring some water! Because...staying hydrated is a thing!

This is my very first time at the studio, what do I do?!

We are so happy to have you join us! Before entering the studio, log in to your PushPress Member app and check-in to class. You will enter the studio, grab a pump of hand sanitizer on the front desk and head into the studio space to find a pre-marked spot for class. Please place any belongings you may have against the wall nearest your space. We have mats and dumbbells for you to borrow if needed, otherwise, feel free to bring your own! After that, the FUN begins!

What should I wear?

Anything that allows you to move comfortably and a pair of sneakers.

Commonly Asked Questions (5 answers)

Do I need fitness experience before I come to class?

Hi there! No need for previous experience. We'll take you right where you are. A large percentage of our participants were reluctant exercisers before AG. We change minds, improve health and strengthen bodies.

Come as you are.

Make yourself at home.

All of our classes have 3 options for every exercise so you can choose beginner, intermediate or advanced options. As long as you are working in your training ranges (you should feel safe AND challenged!), expect results. Oh, fantastic music and good times are definitely guaranteed.

What makes AG different than other gyms or studios?

Great question! I like you already. I've worked at many gyms and studios before. So, believe me. I know what's out there.

First of all, our studio is a no-intimidation, welcoming and multi-level community of fitness enthusiasts. We are a community, and you new friend, are more than welcome to join!

Secondly, we are a music-based studio and we create all of our fitness programming "in house". Music is not just playing in the background. All of our classes have music design, and some are choreographed to carefully chosen tracks to heighten the fitness experience. The trainers and instructors develop the fitness programming for our clients specifically so you will not see any branded classes on our schedule, and you will not find our classes anywhere else.

Finally, and most importantly, our people. Our fitness staff is top notch. Nationally certified professionals who have worked with Olympic and professional athletes AND soccer moms AND chronic illness patients will be leading your classes. Our community has ZERO drama. We love each other. We encourage each other. There is nothing but love here.

Why are your clients so successful?

This is the easiest question yet! They work hard and they are consistent. Our staff believes in them, encourages them to work at their potential while keeping them safe, and our participants rise to this expectation. Our studio is designed for people who have looked everywhere for a program they truly enjoy, enriches their lives and provides results. We were made for those unwilling to compromise with their fitness experience. We are lovers of life and amazing experiences AND we also want to find the proof in the pudding. We don't want to waste away on a treadmill or check off exercises from someone else's blog post. We want an experience. Interactive and in-person. With music and awesome people, of course.

If this sounds like you, welcome to AG.

Do I need to reserve my spot for class?

You do not need to reserve your spot for class. If you would like to, click here to go directly to our class reservation page. *This may change at any point based on the Studio's discretion.