A total body conditioning class that uses body leverage, dumbbells and many reps to sculpt and define your body. If you've ever heard the term "AG arms", this is the class where you can get them. Choreographed to the latest music, it's fun and it's effective.



Our athletic conditioning program. Burpees, mountain climbers and pull-ups...oh my. Set to a timer full of music that changes with each exercise, it's athletic conditioning in a circuit style format wrapped up in good times.



A fresh take on a movement filled Vinyasa class that will challenge and energize you from the inside out. Class is set to an upbeat setlist and finishes with a healing cool down.

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Club Cardio

A 55 minute around the world club hopping experience. Serious fun and serious cardio, Club Cardio is a dance fitness class that will take you to a club in Caracas, Rio de Janeiro, Turkey, Havana, San Juan, NYC and L.A....(just to name a few). The fun factor and the sweat factor are high in our most popular class at the studio.



The sum is always greater than its parts, right? Trinergy is a three discipline, cross training workout of Impact, Strength and Flow for a trifecta that will leave you seriously worked out.

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Active recovery is the name of the game as you enjoy some time on the soft foam roller. Ending with gentle stretching and mobility work, you will leave feeling relaxed and equipped with the knowledge of how to use your foam roller at home. 



A fast-paced cardio kickboxing class inspired by the practices of boxing, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo and Muay Thai in an explosive class meant to unleash your inner warrior.

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Is our mash up of two of our most popular and longest running classes: strength and club cardio. There is no fear of missing out here-you get the best of both worlds.

Try a class. LOVE IT. Repeat.