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For those unwilling to compromise with their fitness experience, we are a group fitness and personal training studio that over-delivers. We take our workouts very seriously...while having a seriously good time. We want results and we want to have fun. That is definitely not too much to ask.

It's easy to join our crew. Just show up for class and you're in!


The experience will change you.

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Meet Angela. Known for her energy, exhilarating classes and as the trainer of the coolest people on Earth. Angela is a former professional dancer, choreographer, and nationally certified personal trainer and instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine and AFAA. 

As a trainer, she works with everyone from the Olympic pro athlete to the recreational athlete with expertise in sport specific program design. 

As a dancer she has worked and trained with amazing choreographers and dancers from around the world such as Terrell Paulk, Kenneth Green, Dan Youmans and Robbie Mackey. She combines her training in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and modern dance with her knowledge of exercise, physiology and fitness into classes that are fun, effective, and overflowing with energy. 

Once you take her class, exercise will never be the same... 

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Meet Jen. The queen of core, Jen, is known for her wit and her method. As a nationally certified group fitness instructor, she has been at AG for eleven years. Before becoming an instructor, Jen competed in national cheerleading competitions and was a founding member of the UNH Cat's Meow Dance Team.


Participants in her classes enjoy her sense of humor and easy going personality. Don't be fooled though, her strength class will totally kick you in the gut, right where she likes it.

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Meet Ashley. It's all fun and good times in Ashley's classes. If you know her, then you know there is no wiping that big ol' smile off that pretty little face. Ashley is a nationally certified group fitness instructor with a background in collegiate sports and athletic conditioning.


She has graced the AG stage for ten years and her infectious energy always makes her classes a whole lot of fun. Like to have a good time? Want to get a workout? Meet your new bff.

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Meet Erica. It is possible that you will overhear Erica saying "I'm soooooo excited about this!" as she gets ready to kick your butt with excellent program design and killer workouts. She is not loud with her voice but her workouts will leave YOUR muscles screaming....and coming back for more.


Erica brings some impressive experience in clinical settings as a Certified Athletic Trainer and has worked with clients ranging from competitive MMA fighters to chronic illness patients. She has been on staff at AG as a fitness instructor and performance specialist for four years. 




Jessica Gutstein has been practicing yoga since 2002 and began teaching Vinyasa Yoga in the Boston area in 2007 after completing her 200 hour yoga teacher certification. Jessica has practiced multiple forms of yoga and has had the extraordinary opportunity to learn from teachers in several locations around the world. As a competitive athlete for most of her life, she found that yoga helped her find balance in a nurturing environment and was initially drawn to yoga for its therapeutic benefits. After becoming Barre certified in 2017, Jessica found that both yoga and barre enhanced the powerful connection between mind and body. She lives locally with her husband and two little girls where she enjoys hiking, going to the beach and playing soccer with her girls. Catch her class Burn + Flow on Wednesdays at 6:05 pm for the summer 2022 session! 


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